Event Activities

We are so excited for this Weekends line-up of events.

Friday September 16, 2011

Workshop Schedule:

Bread, Butter and Jam- 12-3pm Limited enrollment $65-click here to register
In this workshop you will learn the art of home bread making by actually participating in the process. Each participant will go through the entire process of making a loaf of bread from start to finish. The participant will learn what the different stages of the process are suppose to look and feel like. The participant will also engage in making homemade butter and freezer jam to enjoy with their bread upon the completion of this course. This will be a wonderful course for even the seasoned bread makers that want to refresh their skills and learn more skills. Participants will be required to bring some equipment.

Beekeeping 101- 3:15-4:45pm-$20-click here to register
This workshop will cover the basics need for beekeeping. You will see a complete hive with honey and bees.

Home Cheesemaking-5-7pm-Limited Enrollment $45-click here to register
In this workshop, you will have the experience to make mozzarella from start to finish. This is a hands on course that will help you to understand the different processes necessary to make a good cheese. Some equipment will be required for participants.

Keeping a Family Cow-7:15-8:45pm-$25-click here to register
In this course you will learn the basics of owning and caring for a family cow. You will participate in the nightly milking and learn valuable information that will help you if you ever purchase a cow. This course will cover what to look for when purchasing a cow, general care and vaccination information, breeding, milking, and caring for the calf. 

Saturday September 17, 2011

Pressure Canning-9-10:15am Limited enrollment  $25-click here to register
This course will cover the following items:
Why Bother Canning?  (Self-Reliance, Chemical-Free, Long Shelf-Life)
How to Can for Your Family and Stock Your Pantry - It's not Survival Food!
Difference Between Pressure Cooker and Pressure Canner (Pressure Canner Features)
Initial Cost and Items Required -
How to Use a Pressure Canner - Step by Step including Safety Tips
    Jar and Lid Prep
    Filling Jars - Air Bubbles, Headspace
    Processing - Altitude Adjustment
    Testing Seals - Labeling, Storing
    Storing Bottles
You will receive a 6-Page Recipe Handout

Chickens 101-11am-12pm $20-click here to register
This course will cover the basic information that you need to purchase and chickens. You will receive information on hens, roosters and chicks, living arrangements and coop ideas, how to ensure good quality eggs and other helpful tips when raising poultry. 

Soapmaking-1:30pm-4:30pm Limited enrollment  $60-click here to register
Learn the basics of soap making in this course. You will learn how to make and receive recipes for the following, plus, a bar of soap, a bottle of lotion, a jar of laundry soap and a couple of samples of dish soap to take home.

Natural Medicine-5pm-6pm $20-click here to register
Learn how to recognize, harvest and use indigenous herb in the kitchen and for medicinal purposes.